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Visitor Information

The Course Procedure

The decision to close the course will be taken by the Head Greenkeeper and the Tournament Committee.

Play Suspended: Two short blasts of klaxon. Mark ball or complete the hole being played

Play Resumed: One long blast of klaxon

Vacate the Course: Three short blasts repeated


It can be extremely scary being caught far from the Clubhouse when a thunderstorm strikes. Here are some tips for how to minimize the danger:

BE AWARE - Be alert to the signs of changing weather, such as darkening skies, a sudden wind shift or drop in temperature. DO NOT IGNORE INSTRUCTIONS TO GET TO SAFETY.

PLAN AHEAD - Plan your evacuation and safety measures in advance. Lightning often precedes rain, so don’t wait for the rain to begin before suspending activities.

SEEK SAFETY - Use the 30-30 rule, at the very latest, seek safety when thunder and lightning are separated by 30 seconds.

IF CAUGHT OUTDOORS - Avoid water. Avoid high ground. Avoid open spaces. Put down your Clubs and avoid contact with anything that contains metal, including golf bags, golf carts, umbrellas, electric wires or fences. (Open golf carts do not afford safety).

AVOID TREES - Do not stand underneath a natural lightning rod such as an isolated tree.

IF LIGHTNING IS STRIKING NEARBY when you are outside, you should: Crouch down with your feet together, do not lie down. Place your hands over ears to minimise hearing damage from thunder. Avoid proximity to other people, keep at least 15 feet apart, do not huddle together.

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